Cyperᵀᴹ’s goal is to help its clients use the data wisely, so they can make efficient decisions in the fast changing world

All team members are dedicated to the task and work quickly. All the steps in the process were explained to us. Very pleasant experience.

Léa Schmouth-Demers, Marketing Director, Garant Machinerie Inc

J’ai eu le plaisir d’être la cliente de Cyperᵀᴹ pendant plus de 2 ans. C’est une équipe de professionnels non seulement très passionnés mais aussi très engagés dans leur travail.
La qualité des livrables est au cœur de leur préoccupation.

Nous avons collaboré sur plusieurs mandats technologiques avec tout ce que cela comporte comme défis tant au niveau des délais qu’au niveau des budgets et à chaque fois je n’ai pas été déçu par le travail accompli et la disponibilité quasi permanente de tous les intervenants tant au niveau gestion qu’au niveau développement.

Je recommande fortement les services de Cyperᵀᴹ.

Kenza Benyahia, Freelance Account Director, Senior Project Manager at Self Employed

They are dedicated and highly responsive, so they get things done quickly and efficiently.

Application Developer, Dynamicly

They delivered an original, modern, and efficient web-solution.

Artem Rotov, Financial Security Adviser, IA Group Financier

They were very transparent, so we knew exactly what they were working on every day

Habib Abi Khalil, Founder and President, HabCha Consulting
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Whom does Cyperᵀᴹ offer its services to?
To businesses and organizations seeking to get maximum from their data and to realize their ideas in the world of technology
  • Worldwide BI and R&D Education and Services holding founded in Canada
  • Cyperᵀᴹ is focused on BI, data analytics and R&D
  • Cyperᵀᴹ is a multidisciplinary team. It is a seasoned ecosystem of experts at the service of its customers
  • Cyperᵀᴹ works with the greatest minds all over the world
We work in the following areas
  • Education in BI, Data Analytics, Privacy Protection, Privacy and Security
  • BI integration, development and consulting, including reporting from data marts and data warehouses, as well as integrations with disparate data sources
  • Data analytics, data visualization, reporting
  • Management (project and group leaders)
  • Analysis and Design (systems analysts and systems architects)
  • Engineering (developers, database administrators)
  • Quality assurance and control (testers, test designers)
  • UX/UI (designers, interface designers)
  • Infrastructure support (system maintainers, source control system, defect tracking system, workspace and build environment)
  • Copywriting and translation
Cyperᵀᴹ's States
  • Our Mission We exist to realize your most ambitious ideas in the world of technologies
  • Our Vision We see ourselves as reference point #1 for companies who want to make a digital move and use data efficiently by respecting the highest standards of quality and safety
  • Our Values
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