R&D: SaaS

Cyperᵀᴹ’s Statistical Assistant, Vladyslav Shalniev, about SaaS:


“Software as a service is a tool applicable to various products. The structure of Saas solutions allows for faster deployment and early access for clients. So, if you have a solution that has the potential of working independently through the cloud, the Cyperᵀᴹ team is ready to design, integrate, support, and improve your product. To achieve your business objectives and stay ahead of the competition, you require stable cash flow and a unique product that forms a loyal customer base for future sales. By continuously improving your product, we ensure that your clients remain satisfied.

Cyperᵀᴹ’s experienced team of engineers provides you with the best Saas solution for your product. To gain a better understanding, you can take a look at Basecamp or dentist.business, both are Saas solutions with different audiences in mind. As Saas significantly reduces hardware and maintenance costs you could have otherwise had, it is an excellent choice if you are ready to commit to a long-lasting journey to build recurring revenue for your business”.


  • SaaS Cloud Solutions Design
  • SaaS Cloud Solutions Integration
  • SaaS Cloud Solutions Improvement
  • SaaS Cloud Solutions Redesign
  • SaaS Cloud Solutions Support


  • Your business doesn’t have a recurring revenue
  • You have a solution that could work for your clients independently/online/let them use it without your help
  • You want to design, code and release such a solution
  • You want to “go to market” within reasonable delays


  • Get a recurring revenue
  • Rely on an experienced team of engineers, developers, designers and focus on the business idea itself
  • Get your product/solution regularly updated and supported
  • Outperform your competitors


  • Our  team of experts ready to give life or to give a second life to your product
  • Our experts in design, programming, integration and ongoing support of a Software as Service solutions (SaaS) are able to convert your idea into clear technical requirements  and to build a cutting edge platform using them


  • You are engaged in the project and able to clearly define your idea and the expected final result
  • You  give us regular transparent feedback and you actively collaborate with our business analyst in order for your solution to correspond your expectations
  • You respect your contractual obligations
  • You respect your payments schedule


  • We are engaged and provide you with all the information related to the progress of the project
  • We are proactive and we always strive to suggest you the best possible solution
  • We respect our contractual obligations
  • We deliver results