Cyperᵀᴹ reinforced its team to ensure clients’ success

Cyperᵀᴹ reinforced its team to ensure clients’ success

Starting from 2020, Cyperᵀᴹ reinforced its team to ensure clients’ success. 


Dayana Delgado joined our team as a Project Manager. Dayana is working on Magento 2 and Enterprise projects.


Elena Melnikova joined our team as PM Lead. Elena is working on Magento 2, Enterprise, and Infrastructure Projects. She also is responsible for successful deliverables ensured by the team of our project managers. 


Frederic Rostaing joined our team as Account and Solutions Manager. He is now an Enterprise Development Manager. Fred works on the initial project analysis and makes sure to find the best solution we present to our clients so that they can make informed decisions. 


Oleksiy Melnikov joined our team as a Head of IT and Security and a Development Lead for Cyperᵀᴹ’s Product Division. Oleksiy manages the IT and Security department with several sub-divisions: for our client, for our products, and our operations. 

 As a Development Lead for Cyperᵀᴹ’s Product Division, Oleksiy is accountable for Cyperᵀᴹ‘s product deliverables.


Daria Makarkina joined Cyperᵀᴹ as QA and BA expert. Daria is working “hands-on” on our projects to ensure their quality.


Vladimir Dvoretskyi joined Cyperᵀᴹ as QA Lead and Senior Test Automation Developer. Vladimir manages the QA department with a subdivision dedicated to our internal projects and a subdivision dedicated to our service projects. Vladimir is also responsible for the test automation workstream.


Also, our existing team members updated their roles to better contribute to clients’ success: 


Dr. Paul J. Pavlik became a Senior President Adviser. He is focused on strategic initiatives. Dr. Paul J. Pavlik works closely with Cyperᵀᴹ’s top management team to reinforce the quality of decisions we are making daily. Dr. Paul J. Pavlik also works closely on end-users education for our e-commerce clients as well as on Cyperᵀᴹ’s products.


Tatiana Kastner became a Polyvalent Adviser. Her role is to apply her expertise to particular aspects of Cyperᵀᴹ’s work streams she is involved in. 

Tatiana also works on Cyperᵀᴹ’s products.


Maria Hernandez became a Project Manager. She is focused on Magento 2 projects and B2B Enterprise Projects.

Vladyslav Shalniev became a Project Manager. He is focused on Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento 2, and B2B Enterprise Projects.


Igor Makarkin became a Head of Finances and Strategy. He is not only in charge of the Financial Department at Cyperᵀᴹ but also is responsible for Strategic collaboration with key partners to ensure Cyperᵀᴹ‘s stability and supportability.


At Cyperᵀᴹ, we are committed to delivering the best results for our clients and ensuring their businesses’ continuity and supportability by providing services and creating products vital for companies’ digital ecosystems, especially for companies that work in the e-commerce sector of the economy.


Elena Pomazanova, MBA, ITIL,  President of Cyperᵀᴹ, Director of Cyper West Technology


March 9th, 2021