2020 Choice: Learn through Virtual Reality

2020 Choice: Learn through Virtual Reality

Cyperᵀᴹ defined 2019 – 2020 bestsellers.

One of them is the creation of Educational Programs through Virtual Reality with Integrated Data Analytics.

Traditional teaching methods are focused on providing facts, however, having access to and consuming information isn’t learning. In fact, being informed isn’t the same as being educated. 

Too much information received in a short period of time can easily overwhelm employees. As a result, they become bored, disengaged, and usually not sure why they are learning that topic in the first place.

The solution is simple: Educational Programs through Virtual Reality with Integrated Data Analytics.

Virtual Reality is a key to advanced education because a Multi-Script First Player Experience significantly improves the learning journey. Such journeys can be efficiently monitored by Integrated Data Analytics.

What makes VR using in education beneficial?

  • A better sense of place: VR is about the experience
  • Scale learning experiences: A relatively small VR device can take the place of an entire science lab
  • Learn by doing: VR in education provides an experienced anchor to the instruction
  • Emotional reaction: Visceral reactions to what we are experiencing are fundamental to forming memories
  • Develop creativity
  • Visual learning: Being able to visualize complex functions or mechanisms makes it easier to comprehend
  • Users are ready to embrace new technology: According to a recent survey conducted by Greenlight VR, desire for education outweighs the desire for gaming content — 63.9 % vs. 61 %

Education through Virtual Reality works using a “multi-script” experience. We “pack” educational training into a step by step multiple endings game allowing students to try various strategies and study the winning methods.

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