BI: Forecasting

Cyperᵀᴹ’s Head of Data Analytics, Dr. Paul J. Pavlik, about Data and Forecasting:

Why is BI Forecasting So Important to Your Success? Forecasting is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. As Pasteur once said: “Chance favors the prepared mind.” You need to have the tools and confidence to project the upcoming year and then, you need to be able to positively adjust and readjust as inevitable changes occur. To improve your chances for success, we provide a unique tool called Forecasting. Forecasts allow to dynamically readjust predicted numbers as each new set of data is gathered. With this Forecasting tool, you will have the added opportunity to incorporate What If Scenarios at any time you choose. Then, if the predictions are not ideal, you will have the ability to make changes with forecasting and what-if tools so that you can predict a better outcome and not leave the future to chance. Remember what Confucius once said: “When it’s obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals; adjust the action steps.”  Forecasting will show you what action steps make sense.

 How will Cyperᵀᴹ make all BI perform as seamlessly as possible for you and your team? We incorporate the use of Interactive BI Dashboards. Traditionally, business executives wasted vital time conducting audits and studying overwhelming reams of spreadsheet reports in an attempt to demonstrate company performance. Our BI Dashboards provide a visually impactful data collection and reporting system in a compact, concise, time-saving, and accurate model that allows you and your team to quickly understand your financials, KPIs, data sources, and other facets of your business. Let us show you what the future of your business can be”.


  • Data Modeling
  • Trends Definition
  • Trends Analysis
  • Seasonality Definition
  • Seasonality Analysis
  • “What If” Scenarios
  • Interactive Forecast Dashboards


  • You don’t know how to predict impacts of market fluctuations, the business environment changes, seasonality, political situation, etc. on your business
  • Your historical data analytics doesn’t give you a possibility to make informed decisions
  • You don’t have an easy-to-use analytics solution that helps you improve your outcomes
  • You want to design, code and release such a solution
  • You want to get it within reasonable delays


  • Define and analyze trends that affect your business
  • Identify seasonality that affects your outcomes
  • Get machine-based data models and judgmental based “What If” Scenarios
  • Integrate Interactive Forecast Dashboards into your daily business routine
  • Rely on an experienced team of data experts, engineers, developers, designers and focus on your business itself
  • Get your Interactive Forecast Dashboards regularly updated and supported
  • Get personalized consultations and guidance of our Data Analysts to efficiently use data in your business
  • Outperform your competitors


  • Our  team of experts ready to integrate Forecasting into your daily decision-making routine
  • Our experts in data, design, programming, integration and ongoing support of Forecasting Solutions are able to convert your idea into clear technical requirements  and to build a cutting edge platform using them


  • You are engaged in the project and able to clearly define your idea and the expected final result
  • You  give us regular transparent feedback and you actively collaborate with our business analyst in order for your solution to correspond your expectations
  • You respect your contractual obligations
  • You respect your payments schedule


  • We are engaged and provide you with all the information related to the progress of the project
  • We are proactive and we always strive to suggest you the best possible solution
  • We respect our contractual obligations
  • We deliver results