Dashboards by Industry


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  • Dashboards For Healthcare
  • Dashboards For Finance
  • Dashboards For Logistics
  • Dashboards For Manufacturing
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  • You don’t know how you should efficiently monitor your business activities using indicators that matter in your industry (Healthcare, Logistics, Manufacturing, Retail, E-Commerce, Insurance, etc.)
  • You don’t have enough information to make informed decisions “at a glance” based on the relevant data
  • Your teams don’t have enough data analytics to achieve their objectives
  • Define KPIs you should monitor to succeed in your industry
  • Understand if your teams meet their objectives
  • Enable  the efficient usage of the available resources and data to achieve your goals
  • Outperform your competitors
  • Our team of experts ready to create industry-based dashboards to help you make informed decisions that impact your business growth and ROI (return on investments)
  • Our experts in BI, data analytics, design, programming, integration and ongoing support of BI (Business Intelligence) solutions are able to convert your data into informative dashboards that reflect the information adapted for your industry
  • Our dashboards will let you make informed decisions at a glance and monitor your KPIs in the live mode
  • You are engaged in the project and able to clearly define your idea and the expected final result
  • You  give us regular transparent feedback and you actively collaborate with our business analyst in order for your solution to correspond your expectations
  • You respect your contractual obligations
  • You respect your payments schedule


  • We are engaged and provide you with all the information related to the progress of the project
  • We are proactive, and we always strive to suggest to you the best possible solution
  • We respect our contractual obligations
  • We deliver results