Patient retention management software for dentists: a key success factor

Patient retention management software for dentists: a key success factor

What is more difficult: attracting new patients or retaining existing ones?

The answer to this question becomes clear if we look at existing marketing trends. Advertisement industry has been developing for over a hundred years now. But we started thinking about customer relationships only recently. There are hundreds of tools out there which help to bring information to the masses. On the other hand, how many tools are there to keep those masses loyal once they become your patients? With the world focused on the advertisement, many professionals tend to ignore such tools.

According to Econsultancy report, there has been an increase in investment in acquisition 31% to 34% and a decrease in retention 24% to 18%. However, the cost and complexity of acquisition prove to be much higher than that of retention. With the hype mainly focused on marketing strategies, patients leave dentistries feeling unsatisfied with customer service. They feel that their dentists do not care about them enough. Thus, it eliminates the possibility of commitment to a specific clinic. Patients keep wondering around going from dentist to dentist until they find someone who gives them exactly what they want – personalized approach. With the help of patient retention software, you can become their “lifetime” dentist of choice.

In the medical industry, building doctor-patient relationships is essential. It is especially relevant to dentistry as people tend to visit dentists more often than any other doctor. Sadly, patients frequently dread going to dentists. They fear pain, discomfort, and costs of the services but by postponing it, they only amplify all of those factors. Thus, attracting new patients becomes a routine while retaining them remains a challenge.

The first visit is scary enough for a new patient. However, as soon as they experience the quality of medical help they receive, fears go away. But this impression doesn’t stay with them forever. Eventually, beliefs that they formed throughout their lives will come flooding back which may prevent them from scheduling a follow-up for a very long time. Patient retention software allows for dental clinics to maintain that perfect impression. Remainders, encouragements, surveys and many other tools can be used to eliminate any fears that a patient had about dentist visits. Personalized follow-ups provide an opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship with the patient.

In a country such as Canada, the majority of the population are immigrants, and therefore, they have certain beliefs and concepts related to visiting dentists. As dentists face misconceptions brought to Canada from all over the world, creating new associations and expectations in the minds of their patients has to become the focus of each clinic. That is where technological advancements of our modern world come to the rescue. Patient retention software brings utterly new experience to each patient. It takes away the headaches of appointment cancellations, patient’s anxieties and by doing this, retains new coming patients. With such personalized approach, dentists can be confident that the majority of scheduled appointments will not be canceled. They also can be sure that the patient will be left satisfied and willing to continue their relationships with the clinic.

As was mentioned before, there are tons of solutions for patient acquisition but very few for patient retention management. Cyperᵀᴹ anticipates problems that dentists face in establishing long-term relationships with their patients. We have developed customized solutions for the acquisition of patients through web services, which now makes the cost of acquisition affordable. Therefore, the next step for each dentist is patient retention. We want to make it easy for each dentist to build personalized approach to each of their patients. Patient retention software is a great tool to achieve that goal. Integrated with existing services, it completes the service cycle and allows dentists to relax and focus on providing the best medical care to each patient. Everything else, including communication, becomes as simple as it can ever be.