Webdevelopment and Quality Assurance Outsourcing for Web Agencies

Webdevelopment and Quality Assurance Outsourcing for Web Agencies

We work with numerous web agencies to provide them with our webdevelopment and quality assurance services. Our vast experience let us to define a list of rules and best practices we use in a day-to-day routine. In January 2018, we were asked by our partners to provide them with consulting services to improve their collaboration with Clents. Each month a new project management team engages into a new course enrollement.

Here is a list of topics they study with us on a monthly basis:

  • Projects estimation in a webdevelopment outsourcing.
  • “Must have” tools for an efficient collaboration between team members in different countries.
  • How you can use a time difference as a competitive advantage.
  • How to contribute into your client’s sales pitches and to give an added value to their projects.
  • Dashboards and Scoreboards: time usage and project progress follow ups.
  • Team Leads: direct collaboration with Client’s teams. Requirements. Pitfalls. Weekly checklist.
  • Business analysis for webdevelopment outsourcing.
  • “Fixed costs” VS “Time and Material”: what does your Client want.
  • Payments conditions: what to choose and how to apply.
  • Outsourcing for e-commerce projects: platforms and tendencies.
  • Quality Assurance outsourcing for web agencies.
  • “Go Live” check list: minute-by-minute.

If you are providing an outsourcing services for web agencies and if you wand to learn how to bring an added value to your Clients, we invite you to contact us. We will gladly create a personalized course outline and teach your teams how to make your customers happier.


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