Knowledge transfer in software development

Knowledge transfer in software development

While working with our clients, we pay attention to knowledge transfer so that their in-house team can use our research & development results efficiently.
Our goal is to transfer knowledge into a format that is usable and can be transmitted to other individuals. It could be a challenge in any organization due to the nature of this knowledge.
We take care of all the information to be documented throughout a software project so that it can be recorded and easily transferred to someone outside of the original project team.

Our knowledge transfer process is based on different mechanisms:

We prepare a product demo, making sure all the interested parties are present and able to ask questions.

Discussions & workshops
We organize several workshops for different levels (project managers, developers, QA specialists, UX specialists, team leads, product owners) so that they can ask questions and list “black spots” to be highlighted and clarified.

Providing documents
We prepare specs and other carefully created documents to let the client’s team easily work with software.

Q&A and instant messaging
We provide live chat, email, and on-call support in order to answer any questions that may come up during the knowledge transfer period.

Mentoring & coaching
We organize workshops for our clients and their specialists so that they can be guided by us during the software development cycle, during the knowledge transfer and thereafter.

Wiki-based tools
We use different wiki-based tools to collect all the information for our clients (Confluence, etc.).