Digital Tools for Dental Practices

Digital Tools for Dental Practices

We rarely speak about our R&D activities. It’s about a time to tell you a story of our own product.

Since 2016, our team questioned more than 150 dental practices in North America to understand which problems they and their office administrators face. We were focused on a dental office management and dental office management education.

We learned that there is a high competition, saturation of dental practices all over the US and Canada, patients’ retention problems, scheduling techniques optimization need, new marketing and digital marketing tools to be implemented.

Once finalized dental practices surveys and interviews, we put on the table following ingredients:

  • Dental practice needs: we use them to list important topics.
  • Our teaching, management, marketing and technology experience: we put our skills, experience and expertise together to create a course.
  • Our technical capacity: we involved our developers, integrators and quality assurance experts to create an online platform and to give a 24/7 information access to our materials, quizzes, podcasts.

Our company works in technologies, e-learning and consulting. Company experts have a strong background in management, marketing, technologies and finances. They teach at a Third Age University (Université de Troisième Âge) and mentor entrepreneurs referred by Export Development Canada.

As a result, we have created an educational online course Comprehensive Dental Office Management 360. This is a course created with dental practices’ needs in mind.

A Comprehensive Dental Office Management 360 course includes 24 lessons divided into 4 blocks:

  • Dental marketing and dental digital marketing
  • Dental patients’ experience
  • Digital ecosystem planning for dental offices
  • Scheduling

This course’s advantages are incredible:

  • Significant impact on a dental practice: you will acquire and retain more patients.
  • Flexible learning schedule.
  • 100% auto-paced online lessons.
  • Revolutionary impact on a patient’s acquisition, retention and patient’s experience.

We also committed to coach, guide and support our students during the learning journey and after the course completion. We will help practices to integrate in their reality new tools, skill set and approaches.

Each practice is unique and we will gladly guide you and help your practice to get a maximal return on this education.

To enroll, you may just follow this link:

Our Education Programs Managers will gladly provide you with a personalized enrollment support.

We also created a Dental Patients Acquisition Platform to give a full cycle management and marketing support to dental practices!

We are HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant! And we work using highest safety and security standards!