Webdevelopment and Quality Assurance Outsourcing for Web Agencies
Jul 26, 2018

We work with numerous web agencies to provide them with our webdevelopment and quality assurance services. Our vast experience let us to define a list of rules and best practices we use in a day-to-day routine. In January 2018, we were asked by our partners to provide them with consulting services to improve their collaboration […]

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Benefits of E-learning for Your Business
Jun 23, 2018

As the percentage of the tech-savvy employees rises in the workforce, the reliance on e-learning is increasing exponentially. However, there are also other reasons why e-learning tools are important for staff training. Here are 6 serious advantages that e-learning has as compared to traditional training methods. Accessible 24/7 Some people may prefer studying at the […]

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Dedicated Team: Pros and Cons
Mar 08, 2017

Let’s talk about what we call a dedicated team or “team as a service”.
Sometimes, clients ask us which option they should choose: a dedicated team, or rather the Time and Material model.

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Knowledge transfer in software development
Feb 08, 2017

While working with our clients, we pay attention to knowledge transfer so that their in-house team can use our research & development results efficiently.

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