Mobile presence is becoming a necessity

Mobile presence is becoming a necessity

According to, from 2014 to 2020 the number of smartphone users worldwide will increase up to 2,87 billion. Online activity continues to shift to mobile. Mobile applications have become a key success factor for companies in their communication with customers. People spend more time looking at their mobile phones than watching TV. Here are some reasons why your business needs a mobile application.

Stronger relationship and loyalty
Mobile application helps you to build relationship with you customers and improve their customer experience. Apps also help you to build loyalty. Some companies offer award points and benefits only for their application subscribers.

You can reinforce your brand and increase your business visibility. Using your corporate mobile application for regular communications with your business helps create a trustful and open relationship. Your customers see your logo every time they use their mobile devices. Mobile application “lives” in customer’s device.

Better customer experience
Your customers can interact with your business at any time, 24/7. Mobile applications increase your accessibility. Your customers will also receive an easy access to your inventory.

Easy to use
Your customers do not need to open a browser and enter a website URL. They just need to click on an application icon on a smartphone screen. Some applications work faster than websites as well.

Spam problem
Your e-mails can get stuck in the spam folders. The mobile application solves this problem. Your customers will get notifications of events and special offers via the mobile application.

“Contact us” information
Your customers will have a one-touch access to your contact information. Therefore, they will easily get directions to your location.

Ability to work offline
Mobile applications offer some functionalities even in offline mode.

Business development
You develop your business while informing users of new products and offers, reaching out to younger demographics and synchronizing users’ emails and social media accounts. You can enable Push Notifications for Direct Contact with Customers.

Mobile application helps you to Attract new customers, to Connect with existing customers, to Inform them, and to Retain them. Almost 95% of companies will increase their investments in mobile applications in 2017. If you want to leave your competitors behind, you should probably think about integrating both a mobile website and mobile application in your strategy.