Generation Z: a different approach to patient retention and loyalty

Generation Z: a different approach to patient retention and loyalty

Millennials have gotten their time in the world of research and today; we divert our attention to yet another generation. Still too young to be considered a part of the workforce, generation Z is already taking over the concentration of several business industries. Their habits and characteristics are established, but there’s no clear strategy to approach those tech savvies just yet.

Here is what we can say about gen Z regarding their demands towards healthcare and which retention strategies will be the most effective in that case.

First and foremost, we have to remember how much information each individual from gen Z processes in a single day. Kids who were born between 1996 and present didn’t know the world without the internet. They didn’t know the world that didn’t use to bombard you with advertisements 24/7. In addition to school, social life and most importantly, presence on social media, filtering vast amounts of data on a daily basis doesn’t feel good. Simply put, they are overwhelmed.

Thus, not all of the tools used to retain patients will prove useful with gen Z. The internet has taught them to expect immediate actions and reactions from service providers, including healthcare. They want it 10 minutes ago and expect their doctors to provide services that will allow that. Without exaggeration, even the slightest slow down on the website can make them leave. Without the proper approach, losing them as your patients becomes very easy. However, there is one thing they are sure to like and praise – technology. If you have something, a service, that helps to pick a personalized approach and provides instant response to the gen Z patient, you will gain a significant advantage compared to other clinics.

Patient retention software, in combination with online scheduler, will catch the attention of this upcoming generation. Considering the implementation of such services today provides a stable ground for years to come as more of the generation Z representatives enter the market and start using your services.

Another point that supports the use of patient retention software with gen Z is their responsiveness. They genuinely believe in the power of masses, not without the influence of social media culture, of course. Dentist and other doctors can use this knowledge to their advantage. Sending surveys, follow-ups, review requests will prove extremely efficient with generation Z. Therefore, retaining them will become easier and, the information they will provide through such surveys will also be quite reliable. Although generation Z is highly “social,” they are also highly individualistic. They want to see that others care. Be it the barista in their favorite coffee shop of their dentist, they expect to be taken personally and to be remembered. They, as opposed to millennials, no longer believe in the credibility of celebrities. Social media influencers appeal to them way more as they seem more real, closer to their lifestyle and habits. Thus, generation Z want to see the real people behind their service providers.

Although gen Z was raised in a highly communicative environment, they dislike phone calls. And when we say dislike, we mean can’t stand them. Phone calls are the nightmare of this generation. Human interaction in the service industry has to be minimized as much as possible to win them over. Therefore, it’s one more reason for the implementation of online services, attractive websites and schedulers that allow gen Z to avoid human interaction while booking an appointment with their doctors. It is also amplified by their preferences. Gen Z represents the biggest percentage of mobile users. Their “mobile first” lifestyle is highly important when it comes to presenting your services. Generation Z expects your website and all of its features to be usable on their mobile devices rather than desktops or laptops.

Thus, with the help of customized web services and patient retention software, you can provide simple and intuitive experience for the young generation that will leave a lasting feeling of satisfaction and can guarantee their loyalty in the future. Such services and software will include everything gen Z is looking for:

  • Responsiveness
  • Chance for them to make an impact (through surveys and reviews)
  • Only useful and appealing information that will stand out from the variety of data they process on a daily basis
  • Speed
  • Decreased human interaction
  • A personalized approach that creates value
  • The ability to see real people behind each service
  • Mobile first approach