Webdevelopment and Quality Assurance Outsourcing for Web Agencies
Jul 26, 2018

We work with numerous web agencies to provide them with our webdevelopment and quality assurance services. Our vast experience let us to define a list of rules and best practices we use in a day-to-day routine. In January 2018, we were asked by our partners to provide them with consulting services to improve their collaboration […]

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Generation Z: a different approach to patient retention and loyalty
May 08, 2018

Millennials have gotten their time in the world of research and today; we divert our attention to yet another generation. Still too young to be considered a part of the workforce, generation Z is already taking over the concentration of several business industries. Their habits and characteristics are established, but there’s no clear strategy to […]

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Patient retention management software for dentists: a key success factor
Apr 19, 2018

What is more difficult: attracting new patients or retaining existing ones? The answer to this question becomes clear if we look at existing marketing trends. Advertisement industry has been developing for over a hundred years now. But we started thinking about customer relationships only recently. There are hundreds of tools out there which help to […]

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Talent management software: a medical industry must have tool
Apr 13, 2018

One of the main objectives of software-based HR management is directed towards maintaining agreed objectives between employees and the employer. Talent management software allows HR department to monitor employees’ behavior, anticipate conflicts and provide personal professional growth plans. Those plans are designed with each individual’s preferences and their strength and weaknesses in mind. It can […]

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