Internet Privacy. How to Increase the Safety of Your Data
Jul 03, 2018

How many times in your life have you pressed “agree” without even glancing at the terms of use? Let’s face it, we all are guilty of it more than we care to admit. However, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Who in their right mind will read 20 or even more pages of company’s policies, […]

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Protecting the Privacy of Your Medical Data
Jun 27, 2018

Why Do You Have to Be Concerned About Privacy? Today, it is no wonder that people are more concerned about protecting their privacy. With the momentary accessibility of data on the internet and various breaches or controversies related to user data exposure, people have to educate themselves on the topics of privacy and data protection. […]

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Benefits of E-learning for Your Business
Jun 23, 2018

As the percentage of the tech-savvy employees rises in the workforce, the reliance on e-learning is increasing exponentially. However, there are also other reasons why e-learning tools are important for staff training. Here are 6 serious advantages that e-learning has as compared to traditional training methods. Accessible 24/7 Some people may prefer studying at the […]

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Generation Z: a different approach to patient retention and loyalty
May 08, 2018

Millennials have gotten their time in the world of research and today; we divert our attention to yet another generation. Still too young to be considered a part of the workforce, generation Z is already taking over the concentration of several business industries. Their habits and characteristics are established, but there’s no clear strategy to […]

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