Marketing Analysis and IT Ecosystem Planning
Marketing Analysis and IT Ecosystem Planning
Client: "Phoenix"

Project description:

Conduct a marketing and a new business analysis; plan a new IT and digital ecosystem to implement suggested options.


  • New Business analysis  (according to business type, market and location segmentation)
  • Prospects list  (based on a new business analysis)
  • Email schedule
  • Marketing schedule
  • CRM and Email marketing tools recommendation
  • IT and Digital Ecosystem recommendation
  • New website design: 10 Versions
  • Marketing budget  planning


  • #consulting
  • #design
  • #newbusinessanalysis
  • #prospectslist
  • #emailschedule
  • #marketingschedule
  • #crm
  • #it
  • #digitalecosystem
  • #marketingbudget
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